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Complete 26 paid offers and be paid between £300 - £1000+. By signing up today you will get a bonus of £50 for completing your first one. Once your money has been fully validated it will become available in your account and you can swap it for cash via BACS or Amazon vouchers.

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Paid Offers is not a market research site but as the name suggests is a website where you get paid for completing various online offers. Examples of these offers could include registering with freebie or research websites, playing games, signing up to newsletters or taking out free trials. Its even possible that you may receive a free product to test and give your feedback on over a specified amount of time.

Every Time you participate in an offer through their site, Paid Offers will receive a sales commission. Once validated this commission is then paid to them and then shared with you as a cash payment.

To get started you need to click the join now button on their homepage and fill in the required information. You must also validate your email address. Once you are in your account you will be presented with 26 paid offers. For completing the first offer and as a sign up bonus you will get £50 added instantly into your account. The first offer could be something as simple as joining a survey or freebie website. After completing this first offer you must work through the other 26 by following their simple instructions.

For completing the whole 26 offers its quite possible that you can earn as much as £300 – £1000+. You must then wait until all the offers that you have completed have been validated. Once the advertisers validate all the offers your money will become available for you to claim in your account. You must then login and choose whether you want your money via bank transfer or in Amazon gift vouchers. If you decide to take Amazon gift cards then you will receive an extra £10 on top of the money that you have earned.

You don’t have to complete all 26 offers in one go if you aren’t interested in any of the available offers then simply log out and return another day. You should not be pressured to register or sign up with any paid offers that you are not completely confident about.

To earn some extra money you can also refer your friends to the site. For each friend that you refer you will be paid £10. Your friend must complete at least 2 offers for you to qualify for the £10 payment.
Do be aware that it can take sometime for all the offers that you have signed up for to be fully validated and your money be credited to your account. In the meantime any offers that have not been validated will show in your account as pending.

Has anyone been paid? Let us know…

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  • Jimmy Peterson says:

    Does this site really work? As in do you really get paid up to £1000+

    • Adeleke Adeyemo says:
      3 stars

      Well I’m on it at the moment and have told people in charge of the site that I will give a good review if I am able to complete it. I have about 19 of the 26 validated already and I have a friend that has one left to be validated. So I cannot say it really work until I can confirm that I have the money. I hope that answer your question.

      • Sarah Tourmentin says:
        1 stars

        I wouldn’t bother about paidoffers.co.uk website as I have completed all 26 offers and haven’t been paid yet, have been waiting for about 1 month to be paid the money that is owed to me. Adeleke wouldn’t waste anymore of your time with it and sorry for the bad news.

        • teresa says:

          i completed all of mine over 8 months ago and have still not been paid keeps saying this:— You have completed all 26 offers! Please wait while we validate your completed offers. Your offers are currently under review by retailers and companies that you participated with, once they have been approved we will validate your money. Once we have verified all your offers have been completed you will be able to collect your payout. even though it states i have completed all offers

      • Anne says:
        1 stars

        It’s a con i’m afraid. You start of just filling out surveys or entering competitions. After about 4, you are then asked to sign up and pay for say joining a bingo site, so you would be asked to deposit £10. So after about 20 odd ‘jobs’ you could end up forking out well over £50. I have heard that some people complete all 26 jobs and the site finds a reason to not validate a job meaning you don’t get what you have earned.

    • Helen says:


      I have completed all 26 offers. It took over 6 months to get the last few validated. But finally got a payout.
      It just takes a lot of perseverance.

  • Jane Clements says:
    4 stars

    I haven’t personally joined myself but have heard a few reports that people are now getting paid the full amount. Apparently though it does take a long time to do and for all the money to get validated.

  • tayaelizabeth says:
    3 stars

    mines taking ages to validate them all but i like it

    • simone says:

      i’m on it & all mine so far have been validated within minutes of me completing the surveys,,only got about 4 left 2do ;)

  • bec says:
    1 stars

    well i on this site and i still waitinf for my offers to be.vaildated even tho there only 2 am waitin for! it say b4 u sign up it take a.month but i emailed then to ask n they old ot can take month 7 months! so we will see

  • daniel parker says:

    i completed my 26 tasks well over 4 months ago and made 1085 i was told i had to wait a max off 120days for payment company policy apparently so i have i have sent several emails over the last 6 weeks to claim my money and have had no reply they have my information so no excuse for not contacting me …..so yeah its too good to be true dont waste your money its just lining some one else pocket

  • Jenny says:
    3 stars

    I’ve heard that people are getting paid but it can take up to 7 months to get the money. That isn’t that much different to some of the other big cashback sites. Gonna give it a try.

    • simone says:

      give it a go jenny,, i’m £820 so far & mine get validated within minutes of completing the surveys. if you do join do me a favor chick n join through my link (link deleted by admin)
      that way i get a 10er n so do u plus you will get £50 join up bonus..xx

      • irene says:

        Should be somewhere a organism to protect us from his kind of website. They lie, advertising that you will be paid after you complete the 26 offer, not after 8 months of validation.
        Anyway, if you count the money you have payed for registration for loans and different ‘offers’, by the way no one notice you that you have to pay first some money for offers, and the time you waiting for money plus your permission to check your computer,your mobile, to invade your privacy, this money with not guarantee that you will have it, not worth. My opinion.

  • Kelly says:

    Hi all, I got to offer 19 which was to apply for a card with Vanquis. The same bank I had to apply for a card with in an earlier offer. So as expected the application got rejected and so I have failed to complete offer 19. There wasn’t an option for an alternative offer either.

    I have contacted paidoffers via email explaining that offer 19 was mission impossible and I am awaiting their response.

    If I do not get the reply I am after then it will prove it is a scam and I will be shouting it from the rooftops to ensure everybody is aware of this.

  • Glo says:

    I gather there is some initial personal payout from you to actually buy something in these 26 offers before you receive any payment. Not clear as to how this works! No clear information as what to do without signing up

  • Brianjames Horton says:

    No validation on account why?

  • Dan Edgerton says:

    How on earth can they give you £50+ a time when the commission wont be anywhere near that. It sounds like a pyramid scheme to me, and in order to get paid you need more to join and you get their money etc. And those are highly illegal.

  • Anna says:
    2 stars

    Im up to offer 26 and now waiting for offers to be validated as pert their tems and conditions. I have read online that a few people have been paid so maybe it is possible. Expecting the validation to take a few months as it would on any other ‘cashback’ site so we’ll see…

  • Ned says:

    They do get paid a lot of money for surveys and call for actions they produce for their clients, however they make it so tricky when it comes to paying their customers (us). Almost impossible, considering validation process and the fact that all offers must be completed and also very costly. Stay away from them! They are scam! It’s only them that make a lot of money.

  • Kate says:

    You have to take out credit card , loans give your bank details, take out car/home insurance, it’s not worth the hassle.

  • Jimmy says:
    1 stars

    Has anyone been paid yet???? I’ve got to offer 25 but some of the others haven’t been validated yet. I’ve now been reading this may never happen…

    Think i’ll try the survey sites instead they seem a lot more legitimate and at least they definitely pay out

  • jaydaii says:

    Don’t waste your time.. read the articles of SCAMS from this website.
    if you believe this company is genuine… I encourage you to send them a letter to their office address.

    Pure SCAM.

    there is currently an investigation by the serious fraud organisation into their dealings.

    • Julia says:

      This does seem to be a scam with security issues for those being asked to pay up front to complete offers, particularly when gaming and betting sites cannot be avoided. The telephone number quoted on the web site for queries is also false and belongs to a well known bank.

  • Jimmy says:

    How do you know they are being investigated?

    They seem to be owned by a genuine company and the office address is definitely valid.

  • Sarah says:
    1 stars

    I completed the offers and have had less than half of my money validated. I dont understand why they cannot pay out validated money as they have already earned their commission from it… Bit of daylight robbery here. Especially if you partake in signing up for things which require you to deposit cash for a payout. Big nono! If they changed it to getting money paid out on validation, then it would indeed be a great scheme; until then… Stear well clear im afraid.

  • anna says:

    someone knows how to open accaunt there?i haven’t got a landline phone ,so the system don’t let me in

  • amy says:

    This website is ridiculous.. took us ages to go through all the offers and most of them were too deposit money. Well thought you came on this website to earn money not spend it! have finished all 26 offers and have been waiting ages to get the offers validated. This was meant to be a quick and easy way to earn money.. would never ever recommend it.

  • Samantha says:

    I’ve only got a landline number as well so just used an old mobile number and it let me sign up no problem at all

  • Shaf says:
    5 stars

    Hello Everyone

    I have completed all my offers and one was pending so I email them, they replied back saying you must have not done it correctly so should we reset it for you? I said yes but got the money £1050 really loving it ( Make Sure You Complete The Offers Properly But If It Isn’t Getting Validated Then Email Them To Reset It For You ) Of Course if You Do Not Complete The Offers Properly Then It Will Not Get Validated.

    • Shaf says:


  • denbam says:
    1 stars

    i have but one offer left to be validated. this has been going on since january with paid offer who told be i have to wait 120days. it is now june. theres a lady there i contacted and she said the money will be with me in 2/3 days. No money on the third day so i emailed and she gave excuses, she confused me with somebody else. i think its a scam but still waiting.

  • Natalie Zajac says:

    How long did you have to wait to recieve money

  • Stephen says:
    3 stars

    Why do these websites make life so difficult? I’ve completed all offers, but about half still pending. One or two say complete the 30 day free trial and I wonder if – by saying no thanks on the trial after seven days or so (meaning I don’t forget & end up being charged for first month before realising) – I’ve scuppered my chances? It’s encouraging to hear that some people seem to have been paid (eventually) but this should be so much better run.

  • Susie says:

    I think if you’re smart about the gambling aspect you can make money even for those where you deposit £10. You do have to run the money in your account down, which I did, then deposit another 10 and withdraw as soon as you win anything that takes you over the £10; i.e £1.65 is still a profit if you’re not greedy or easily enticed. I bet on the Greece game on William Hill and made £35 which covered my £10 outlays. Do be careful! Not done all 26 offers and will let you know how I go on

  • Bev says:

    I did all 26 offers and as of yet no money have emailed them twice say,s it can take month,s what a scam don,t join it

  • Jess says:

    I complete all 26 offers 6 months ago and my offers still not validated emailed them just awaiting a reply

  • Mrs Clifford says:

    Too hit and miss !

  • jonathan says:

    This is a total SCAM – nobody has ever received a penny.

  • Georgina says:

    DO NOT put any off your own money into these offers they are a scam I have had two accounts with paid offers and been scammed both times first time was 2 years ago and wait 9 months for my payout and never received it when I contacted them they told me it takes upto 120 days now as you may all know 9 months is a lot more than 120 days and for the second time I have been waiting 3 months and still having the same problem Im very very disgusted but what they are doing to people I have been to trade and standards regarding my problems and I tell you this is not the first complaint they have had DO NOT TRUST THEM!!! Do not get taking in by there lies the company is a joke they receive all the money for the offers you do and you see none off it and if you do think yourself very very lucky

  • Test says:

    These sites simply get worked from us and they take money. It is filling somebody else pocket.

    It is total Waste!!!

  • aaron says:
    3 stars

    Has anyone actually completes all surveys fully and complete the offers via other website links on the individual offers otherwise you wont get paid. So stop moaning about it if u havent even done it properly

  • david says:

    I noticed that if you click on the link and go back to the original page and press continue it lets you move on and still collect money for it, i smell a scam

  • jaffa says:
    1 stars

    Its a scam!

    Dont you see its obvious, if they pay thousands of pounds to everyone they will be broke themselves. So, they cant really pay

  • Chris Abram says:

    i have done almost all of the ofers and been waiting over two months now to have my account updated. i wrote four emails to the company and never heard back from them. They claim to answer emails in two days. ive still waiting for a reply. My personal belief is not to give this company the time of day. if a company cant give you credit for awhile then it shows they dont care about people doing their surveys

  • J H says:
    2 stars

    Well I can confirm its a blag, they have paid out the odd few people after 4/6 months BUT this is only after those people have maxed the Vanquish I believe its called credit card and repaid the loans you must sign up too.
    I know this as its happened to my sister who only decided to tell me when I showed her the site and I had over £275 in my account. They will only pay you once you have paid all the interest back on the credit facilities they refer you to so it’s really your own money there sending you that you had to pay 3x more for. Sorry for any dissatisfaction but I needed to let you know so you don’t fall into the same trap.

  • macy says:

    Don’t bother I did all of them and then I waited and never got played any ££ money

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