CFS Panel Review


CFS Panel Review



The Cash for Surveys Online Panel is a new market research site that is exclusive to a small amount of survey sites. For your participation you will be helping to shape the products of today and tomorrow, you will also receive a cash reward of between 50p - £10 each for the time you spend.

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The Cash for Surveys Panel (now known as the CFS Panel) is a fairly new market research site that is exclusive to a relatively small number of paid survey sites. The panel is powered by one of the world’s biggest and most popular market research companies, Cint.

By registering with the site you will be given the opportunity to participate in online survey projects which will be of interest to you. For your participation you will be helping to shape the products of today and tomorrow, you will also receive a cash reward for the time you spend.

To become a member simply fill in the short form on the CFS Panel registration page. Once you are registered you will receive a confirmation email, click on the link in the email in order to confirm your account. Once you have done this you should login to your account to complete the profile questions. By completing these questions you will be helping them to find and send you surveys that are relevant to you.

Once you have registered you will become immediately available to receive survey invitations to your email. You will receive a paid survey each time the topic matches the information you originally gave in your profile. So could be based on your age, location, gender, lifestyle, what car you drive etc. The invitation will tell you roughly how long it will take to complete and also give you information on the reward. All surveys at this site pay cash and on average each one will take between 10 and 20 minutes. The average you will receive for every paid survey is between 50p and £10 each. ($0.50 – $10 in USA) For longer web-based surveys you will receive a much higher reward depending on the time you spend on it. As soon as you log in to your account you should see surveys waiting for you to take.

When you have fully completed any online survey you will be rewarded. All rewards on this panel are sent in cash. Once you have reached the minimum amount of £8 ($8) in your account you can draw out your rewards directly to your Paypal account. Payments to Paypal are sent instantly and credited straight to your account. For any money that you withdraw you will be charged a 2% processing fee by Paypal. You also have the option to save the money on your balance and cash out when you want. Once you have £10 ($10) you can choose to redeem an Amazon voucher instead of cash.

Any personal information that you give to Cint at the CFS Panel will be kept strictly private and confidential at all times in accordance with personal integrity laws. Any answers that you give will be provided to their clients but this will be done completely anonymously.

You must be aged 14 or above to join the CFS Panel and resident in the UK or USA. More countries are being added so check the site for more details.

The website was updated and re-branded in late 2015 from the Cash for Surveys Panel to be known as the CFS Panel. Since the update, thousands of members have reported more surveys and excellent customer support. There is also an Android and iPhone app called the Opinion App that can be downloaded from the survey invitations. The instant Paypal payments are a great feature of this survey site.


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